About Us

We are enthusiastic individuals who are working in many ways to help ensure that the world stays greener.

Project Description

To help ensure that you have the right actions which can allow us to help the nature.

Action Stations

We also try to each people through various means via stage performance.

Research Development

We have a group of people who are always working on new ways which can help the nature grow.

Llive Music

To ensure that young people now understand what we have to say.

Live Video

We also make live videos which can make people see the destruction one can make.

Electro-acoustic Design

To bring about a change which can make sure that everything works in the favour of nature.

Latest Updates

  • Production numbers: those words alone invoke mental images of dizzying camera moves, gorgeous dancers, and elegant clothing. It is a realm of art that can make or break careers. But how does one get started? How can one come up with a spectacular musical item? The seven steps below will help novices and serious professionals alike in planning, producing and preparing their production numbers. Please note that the steps above are not mentioned in any particular order, as a production number is a dynamic activity that can include most of the steps at any phase of the production.
    Find Talented Artists to Work With
    Before you can go ahead with producing a spectacular piece of art, you will have to get a number of artists who will be willing to work with you. This should not prove to be a tall order, because artists are quite numerous in our society. Try convincing willing artists on the benefits of working together: be sure to include the advantages of having a recorded video of the piece as part of a promotional platform for their creations. Otherwise, you might end up knowing what do different headaches mean
    The Script
    The script of the piece of art is linked closely to the overall and final outlook of the production number. It is not right to just power up the camera and try to get random shots as the artists try to sing: you ought to carefully read through the lyrics of the item you are working with to establish a most appropriate video outlook based on the script. Also, try establishing clues of what the audience should see during different intervals of the song.
    The Location
    Location plays a very important role in the success of the production number. Successful items are shot at single locations such as wide fields, single rooms, construction areas, nightclubs, cars etc. The main idea behind using single locations is the savings on money and time. Plan for a production number by establishing a most serene single location on which to shoot your video.
    Successful production number items often utilize a large wardrobe in their creations. For instance, country items will look best in rodeo attire, while jazz can look best in what is considered ‘appropriate.’ Ensure that you come up with a suitable clothing scheme that suits the lyrics of the musical item.
    Ensure it is Legal
    Before you start working on any piece, make sure that the artists are performing on an original work. In the event the composition was done before, the original artist must be aware of your production.
    The Look
    There are two types of production numbers: performance and concept. A performance taping refers to the literal recording of an artist as he performs. This could be either staged or live. A concept taping refers to the use of imagery in the creation of a video. A production number’s look is determined first by the total budget allocated for the production, with performance taping being the cheaper of the two. Determine the type of production you hope to apply beforehand.
    The Shoot
    Ensure that there is a limited number of people on the set. This is because it is hard to keep a large group of people silent and controlled. Discourage the artists from dragging along friends before the whole process kicks off.
    Making production numbers is fun and potentially profitable. Proper planning is important in reducing expenses and creating a most entertaining piece of art.

  • If a lot of you out there are beginning to experiment with different hair colors and undertones and highlights then the terms "Toner" and "bleaching" must be common to you but do you know everything about it? Let's see.  Now if you're here and know nothing about what I'm talking about it till now then just sit back and relax while I take you through the entire concept of Toners and how they actually work. But before I do that, you must know what bleaching is.  


      Before I explain what Toners are and how they work, let's talk about bleaching. Bleaching is a process of lightening the hair color from a dark shade to a really light one. Like for instance if you have brown or black hair and want to go completely  blonde then the first step in implementing that would be to bleach your hair several times until it turns into that blonde shade. But bleaching has a lot of disadvantages -- - Hair follicles become really weak. - Results in excessive hair break out or fall out if it is repeated continuously for 3-4 times. -  Reveals reddish/ greenish/ yellow  undertones from previous hair colors .If you want to learn how to get rid of yellow hair after bleaching keep on reading. Bleach


    Toners are used to remove the reddish/greenish or yellowish undertones on the hair that appear immediately after bleaching. It acts as a topcoat for your hair.  Along with removing the nasty undertones,  toners make your hair glossy and shine. Try to look for the best hair toner brands to make sure that you do not damage your hair.